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Quality Assurance

High quality and near zero defects is an achievable NSR corporate goal that dictates our everyday operation.

NSR is a quality conscious company and has developed and implemented comprehensive corporate Quality Management Programs (QMP) that define rigorous performance standards and meticulous inspection criteria to assure the quality of all work products, services, and deliverables for our Customers. The QMP allows for system of inspections, spot checks, and surveys for each task function that assist us in quickly identifying, preventing, and correcting deficiencies. It also provides guidelines for continuous improvement.

NSR provides processes and tools that will facilitate our ability to meet and exceed Task Order performance objectives.  The primary quality assurance management tool for ensuring that client needs are being met and that we share mutual expectations is continuous open communication and performance feedback. This is the key to building a professional relationship, and the basis for handling truly difficult problems during contract fulfillment.

Effective communication is facilitated through the formal reports and documentation required by the contract/task orders and by informal reports produced as team members capture knowledge or offer new ideas.

Continuous informal dialogue between the Program Manager (PM) and his Navy counterpart (COTR) is the most important communication channel.  The PM will keep the government apprised at all times of potential issues that require intervention.  At the same time, the PM will solicit feedback from the government on contract performance and changes in expectations and priorities.  NSR will also initiate periodic meetings between corporate management (the senior management team and the quality assurance group) and Navy contacts as appropriate to assess responsiveness of work effort to Navy task order requirements.  These feedback loops allow both NSR and Navy to make necessary mid-course corrections, thereby minimizing problems before they cause disruption. To ensure that our Navy counterparts are adequately informed, and to maintain open lines of communication, NSR commits to conducting weekly or daily meetings with Navy personnel to review all activities and progress on each current task order.

Proactive problem avoidance is largely a matter of ensuring that requirements are adequately defined to those carrying out the work.  A second part is maintaining a proper attitude and awareness of the potential for problems.  This will develop from the review of the task order defining the work to be performed and the processes involved.  The PM will be diligent in ensuring that the most feasible approach is undertaken to fulfill each task order, and the work to be performed is adequately described before work starts.  To avoid problems, we will hold periodic team meetings as required with our own personnel.  The purpose of our staff meetings will be to discuss issues that exhibit problem potential.  A corrective or problem avoidance procedure will be instituted as appropriate.