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The following outstanding, companies have joined NSR Solutions to form the SeaPort-e, NSR Team. Each team member was chosen by NSR for their expertise and excellent record of providing the best of the best in products and services to the Federal Government. Please feel free to visit each of the team member’s home pages for more detailed information regarding each of their specialized areas of excellence.

Alion Science Technology
Craig Technologies, Inc.
Encore Solutions, Inc.
Future Technologies, Inc.
KJ and Associates
ManTech Systems Engineering Corporation
Port Tobacco Consulting, LLC
Preferred Systems Solutions
VSE Corporation

Alion provides technical and engineering support to the Joint Program Manager for Individual Protection. Responsible to the United States Marine Corps customer for assessing engineering and integration of Models and Simulations used in individual protection programs into the Chemical, Biological Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) Overarching Model (OAM).  Responsibilities include ensuring compliance with specifications and overall quality of design, and evaluating warfighter survivability in CBRN environments; engineering assignments in planning and overseeing research, development, design, and tests of complex software.   Alion provides expert decision support assistance with validating performance and in gathering needed information to ensure compliance with DoD architectures and OSI/ISO standards.  Alion provides for Modeling and Simulations on the Joint Program Office-Individual Protection (JPM-IP), CBRN Overarching Model (OAM).

Alion provides tactical warfare instructor support for the Fleet Anti-Submarine Warfare Command in distributed live and simulation training environments.  The Tactical Warfare Instructor Support Environment (TacWISE) is a performance assessment support tool developed for NAVAIR and the Navy ASW community under a Phase II Small Business Innovative Research contract. TacWISE provides capabilities for authoring performance measures and for a team of distributed evaluators to collaborate over a network to collect performance data, make assessment decisions, and develop post exercise debrief products.  Enhancements include: development of a Web browser-based networking capability that provides an Internet/SIPRNET transportable data collection and performance assessment system; portability of TacWISE performance assessment capability to other devices to facilitate data collection on-board ships and aircraft; enhancements to the TacWISE data collection and assessment user interface; and, additional automated debrief development capability.

Craig Technologies is an engineering and technology company specializing in security and expeditionary warfare-related systems. Our mission is to deliver high quality systems and services to our customers in the most expedient and cost-effective manner possible.

Craig Technologies performed Front End Analyses (FEAs) of identified Multi-Mission Maritime Aircraft (MMA) tasks and subtasks, requirements analyses, functional analyses, and systems evaluations in support of identifying baseline Training System Alternatives (TSALTs) and risk evaluation of “platform prime contractor” Training System Functional Descriptions (TSFD) and cost estimates.  “Platform Prime Contractor” refers to separate entities contracted to provide services related to the MMA program. Craig Technologies performed Aerodynamic Modeling, Project Engineering, Logistics Support Planning, Instructional Systems Design, and Cost-Benefit Analyses in the performance of this contract. Additionally, Craig performed: Training Situation Analysis, Instructional Systems Design, Testing and Evaluation of new technology; and, provided: effective understanding of the R&M process for aviation specific training, effective process for management of sub-contractors.

Encore is a premier management consulting firm with a strong passion and outstanding past performance in the area of knowledge transfer; which we define as building understanding and expertise through the use of technology, education and communication.

Encore Solutions provides program support to PEO IWS6 and Team Submarine.  This support includes handling administrative matters such as maintaining schedules, setting up for meetings and conferences (telecom and video), and maintaining calendars.  In addition, our team provides transportation support in making travel arrangements. Our senior managers have experience working with the OPNAV sponsors.  We also provide technical support and advisement on program systems and hardware.  Supporting PEO IWS6, our managers supported the Program Executive Reviews and host-specific program reviews.  During these meetings, we provide assistance in reviewing the overall program status and defining the risk areas and cost drivers. Our team is prepared to assist the program managers with the development of their annual budgets and getting them approved. We also authored papers to support the program to include white papers, project correspondence, and team correspondence using email.

FTI analyzes, evaluates and provides recommendations for planning, development, monitoring and execution of procurement documentation and field activity performance. FTI provides engineering and operational analyses to evaluate equipment and equipment upgrades proposed for procurement to accomplish the ACC mission requirements.  Analyses and recommendations are provided to customer as white papers, point papers, and planning papers that are used by management in developing policies and support plans.  Recommendations include an assessment of cost, schedule, and performance impact.  Engineers attend and participate in In-Process Reviews (IPRs), Critical Design Reviews (CDRs), System Design Reviews (SDRs) and technical working group meetings and briefings.  They prepare program briefs and present technical and programmatic information relative to management position, policy, and plans.  In addition, FTI analyzes and evaluates program briefs, reports and correspondence from other members of the Aegis technical community

KJ and Associates provides information technology (IT) investment and governance processes to help the Department of Defense (DoD), Intel Community, and the Warfighter to better manage their overall portfolio of IT projects and programs. KJ and Associates Systems also provides leadership and advanced engineering services to deliver total solutions that address mission objectives and help to comprehensively inventory, evaluate, and track programs and investments for better management

Ongoing efforts are being performed by ManTech personnel in the areas associated with underwater acoustics pertaining to SONAR and Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), ship silencing and signature reduction, and the establishment of coastal defense systems for Homeland Security. ManTech efforts associated with these research and development projects have included analyses of the fundamental physical processes involved; development of performance requirements and state-of-the-art conceptual system architectures to meet specific mission objectives; designing, planning, and conducting laboratory and at-sea experiments to evaluate the concepts; support for the development of prototype and production system components; designing, planning, and conducting at-sea tests to validate operational performance relative to the requirements; development of operational tactical employment concepts; and generation of tactical training aids. Under NSWCCD contract N00167-00-D-0110, ManTech personnel perform trade-off evaluations of existing hardware/software systems abilities, including implementation of system and/or tactical employment modifications, to meet requirements. In cases where existing systems cannot meet the mission requirements, our engineers develop conceptual design solutions, perform trade-off analyses, and either develop the needed system and/or support formal U.S. Navy acquisition programs. ManTech personnel also developed a concept of processing spatially separated sonar arrays to provide enhanced detection and localization ASW capabilities, specifically in littoral areas. The proposed concept defined the sensor array systems, deployment configurations, telemetry and interfaces, advanced signal processing algorithms, and enhanced display formats to improve battlespace management and collision avoidance.

PTC has provided engineering support to NAVSEA and NSWC Indian Head in weapons systems and strategic systems. PTC provides system engineering, interoperability, integration, and M&S support to the CAD/PAD Joint Program Office.

PSS provide Engineering Support Services for NAVAYSYSCOM PEO (U/W) supporting weapons systems development for Joint Service, including the Tomahawk Cruise Missile, Joint Standoff Weapon, Mission Planning Systems, Sensors, High Energy Laser, Advanced Concept Technology Demonstration (ACTD) proposal development, advanced command and control and intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance, and numerous rapid technology transition proposals.  PSS covers the entire spectrum of expertise required for new systems concept development through production and life cycle updates; and, work with Army aviation systems in support of Advanced Concept Technology Demonstrations (ACTDs) which include, for example, Hunter Standoff Killer Team, a joint Army-Navy ACTD that will demonstrate the capability of the Army AH-64 with Hunter UAV. This ACTD was developed and successfully proposed with the help of our senior staff and is nearing conclusion. PSS perform analysis of technologies for system deficiencies and future system upgrades; examines capability needs and determine if systems meet current and evolving threats.  Additionally, PSS conducts cost analyses studies, and Analysis of Alternatives (AoA).  PSS budget and financial analysts provide budget recommendations and develop budget documentation for NAVAIR.

VSE provided Quality Assurance metal parts inspection, including technical support to the Fabrication and Inspection Support Branch, CAD/PAD Manufacturing Division, Applied Technology Division, Indian Head Division/Naval Surface Warfare Center (IHD/NSWC) with receipt inspection services on all Government purchased Aircrew Escape Systems hardware requiring quality assurance acceptance.

VSE Ensures the development and maintenance of the task planning base that includes task description, work plans, schedules, critical path, budgets, and manpower plans; and, manages purchasing in an efficient, straightforward, and responsive way, while ensuring strict management control over costs and quality using the ISO 9001 regulations, to include clear milestones/checkpoints.

VSE provides technical and management services on multiple delivery orders for the Joint Program Office, (JPO), CAD/PAD Department, Indian Head Division/Naval Surface Warfare Center (IHD/NSWC).  VSE provides the engineering and technical support to conduct all tasks necessary to substantiate the acceptability of the replacement chemicals, Noveon Hycar (proposed CTPB) and Element is R4098 (proposed Iron Oxide) for Rohm and Haas HC-434 (current CTPB) and Mapico 567 (current Iron Oxide), utilized in the production of Talley Defense Systems (TDS) 300 Series Propellants for Aircraft Aircrew Escape Systems Components. VSE provided engineering, acquisition, technical and logistics support for the manufacture and delivery of 30 DRS collector kits for the F-15 and F-16 Aircraft.

VSE provides technical and management services on multiple delivery orders for the Joint Program Office, (JPO), CAD/PAD Department, Indian Head Division/Naval Surface Warfare Center (IHD/NSWC; and, for F-15 and F-16 Aircraft Digital Recovery Sequencer production, VSE provided the engineering, acquisition, technical and logistics support required for the manufacture and delivery of 30 Digital Recovery Sequencer (DRS) collector kits for the F-15 and F-16 Aircraft. Additionally, in support of U-2 Aircraft CAD/PAD Devices Quality Assurance functional testing, VSE provided the engineering and technical support to conduct the functional testing of the CAD/PAD devices utilized in the U-2 aircraft components currently in service to determine if there are age-related deficiencies or adverse effects of the environment which might affect that serviceability.